At our core, we're researchers obsessed with asking the right questions to unlock the insights our clients need to succeed. 

Insights is in our name, after all.

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Mapley good insights. Fast.

Sometimes, user data comes at a moment's notice..

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When Maple Match went so viral that the web traffic broke the Squarespace tracking algorithm, the team had literally hours to analyze the user data before making comments to the press. Fox News, NBC, The Guardian, and CNN all wanted reports, and we had to give them data. Fast. 

Using Stata programming and Microsoft Excel VBA programming, we built an integrated data management system that optimized data while enabling better targeting and user information.


Within just a week, we built a searchable data architecture of all Maple Match user data, where we learned the following fun facts:

  • Maple Match users made up a surprisingly accurate cross-section of the internet-using population.
  • Someone in every US state, Canadian province, and more than 50 countries signed up for Maple Match.
  • The vast majority of Americans who signed up for Maple Match mentioned a non-political reason for looking to date Canadians.

Even in a pinch, we get data done right.
With a hefty dose of mapley goodness.

Research that sparks conversations

We built and conducted the first national study of competency-based education (CBE) graudate outcomes, and we started a policy discussion in the process.


Competency-based education is a complicated issue, and we utilized an all-data-on-deck approach to learn more. Our survey used leading industry techniques to assess demographic, ethnographic, and psychograhic variables with self-reported measures of financial and career outcomes. We even asked "the tough questions" and got some of the first individual-level data on:

By developing relationships with vendors and our university partners, we recruited more than 2,300 respondents from hard-to-reach nursing and teaching populations. Using email campaigns and recruitment partners, we deployed our survey and found some fascniating stats:

  1. Non-CBE graduates surveyed who borrowed money accumulated 2.3 times more debt during their nursing education than CBE graduates.

  2. All CBE graduates surveyed scored significantly higher on work readiness overall as well as grit, organizational acumen, and personal management.

  3. More CBE graduates finished school debt-free than non-CBE graduates.
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From our survey sample, we conducted 40 formal qualitative interviews with nursing supervisors, teaching supervisors, and program graduates. With interview guides that we designed in-house, we uncovered new perspectives on CBE program graduates and their motivations for completing these programs.

"We’re getting more and more non-traditional students...They have different life experience, different career experience, and different fields other than healthcare, so I think it'll be important to consider all those factors when making policies and laws.”

Insights like these informed the Texas Public Policy Foundation's strategy for legislative work in 2017 and 2019.

Mining Client Insights

We mined meaningful gems from mountains of messy data and found insights that changed the course of a company


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!

When a healthcare services company handed over data from more than 4,000 client requests in hundreds of different files, we knew we had our work cut out for us. After all, drawing meaningful conclusions from unclear, unorganized data sources can be a tall order.

But the GI team put on our hard hats, whistled a working tune, and started data mining. Each member of our team leveraged their considerable background in research, from analyzing national census data sets to processing dozens of hours of interviews. We spent over 20 hours cleaning and manipulating the data using cutting edge analysis software like NVivo.

The result? Transformative findings about the demographic, sociographic, and psychographic trends of the firm's clients that have been imperative for defining the company’s target audience groups and steering its short- and long-term marketing strategies. 

We helped our client find something as valuable as a diamond: a profound understanding of its clients and its mission.