People may forget what you said.
They may forget what you did.

But people never forget how you made them feel.

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We built a brand so sweet, the whole world wanted a taste.

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Messaging is our superpower.
The proof is in the pudding...or the maple syrup.

Embracing opportunity.

Here are just three ways we used messaging to transform a healthcare client's business...

We built a press kit to communicate the research findings we uncovered, and it got our client some serious press coverage.

When major media outlets began spotlighting our client, they needed to showcase their strengths. We developed important go-to fact sheets, filled with all our juicy research insights. We tailored press briefs to the needs of different media outlets and defined press coverage perspectives. 

Our press briefs were picked up by Fox NewsRolling Stone Magazine, and more!


We ran a simple naming exercise that led our client through a profound transformation.

Building the press kit, we discovered our client had a problem naming people and processes in their organization. We sat them down for a meeting, and soon issues of mission, purpose, and identity began to surface. Almost overnight, the co-founders' and employees' confidence in speaking about their roles surged, and a new sense of purpose drove them to consider other business focuses.

A change in business focus opened up a world of opportunity nobody expected.

After redefining their mission and focus, our client began to see that far more people could benefit from their unique companionship service. A shift towards more professionalized healthcare markets empowered the company to have bigger conversations, clearly define what they do, and build a company poised to tackle a billion-dollar opportunity.

One small shift in perspective.
One giant leap in impact.